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Knowledge is power and we believe in sharing it. This collection of practical resources is designed to educate, guide and inform you about key aspects of medical marijuana.



CBC My Region

CBC New Brunswick reporter Roy Gjelstad interviewed Fabian Henry, President and Founder of Marijuana for Trauma Inc. about his efforts to assist other veterans trying to cope with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  In this article, Fabian Henry, a 12 year veteran of the Canadian Forces discusses his experiences dealing with PTSD and how medical marijuana helped him cope with his own PTSD symptoms. Click on the link to view the full article –  Vet fighting to provide medical pot for others with PTSD Canadian Army veteran Fabian Henry is founder of Veterans Helping Veterans: Marijuana for Trauma Inc.

The Science of Marijuana – A PBS Documentary

We have included a link to an informative video “Clearing the Smoke: The Science of Marijuana,” a Documentary by MontanaPBS.  This documentary describes how cannabis acts on the brain and reviews its impact on the body in the treatment of  nausea, pain, epilepsy and potentially even cancer.  It describes the scientific research and evidence on the use of medical marijuana as a treatment for many health conditions.

Check it out at the following link: CLICK HERE!



Scientific Research

Many doctors around the world support the use of medical marijuana and have the scientific research to enforce that it can be used to treat a wide variety of health conditions. An expert in the field, Dr. A. Neumeister has the following to say about PTSD and marijuana as a treatment:
“There’s not a single pharmacological treatment out there that has been developed specifically for PTSD,” says Dr. Neumeister. “That’s a problem. There’s a consensus among clinicians that existing pharmaceutical treatments such as antidepressant simple do not work. In fact, we know very well that people with PTSD who use marijuana — a potent cannabinoid — often experience more relief from their symptoms than they do from antidepressants and other psychiatric medications. Clearly, there’s a very urgent need to develop novel evidence-based treatments for PTSD.”

Click here to read the full report on Dr Neumeister’s findings about treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with Medicinal Cannabis.