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We offer flexible options to suit any Physician and their practice.

Marijuana For Trauma is a natural extension of a family or hospital based practice. It is important to note that Marijuana For Trauma is not a replacement or substitute for your existing practice. Marijuana For Trauma is analogous to that of a Diabetes Education Centre for diabetics or a Pain Clinic for pain patients.

We offer flexible options to suit any Physician and their practice. There are three methods in which a Physician may consider working with Marijuana For Trauma:



You would receive patients in your clinic as you normally would in addition to any additional patients referred from us which may fill patient gaps. In this model you would assess and selectively consider the patient’s qualifications for medical cannabis use. This would be done on a schedule that suits you and your practice during which time we would supply a Patient Services Coordinator/Cannabis Consultant to guide you, your staff and / or the patient on dosing, administration, best practices etc. This model can also support an interested patient of yours for whom we can provide an assessment, education and whom we can subsequently redirect back to your practice. You will receive a recommendation form, letter of assessment, and the correct supporting documentation from Marijuana For Trauma. You would then fill out the medical document (cannabis prescription) if deemed appropriate.

There are no additional fees for our staffing services. They are covered by the educational agreements we have with a variety of federally licensed medical marijuana producers. This option of working with Marijuana For Trauma would add to your current scope of practice and provide additional billings and remuneration.

You can choose to work part time on a contract basis to assess patient candidates with chronic conditions that may benefit from the use of prescribed medical cannabis.  These assessments can be performed in person at one of our clinics or via telemedicine through a secure server (VSee) at a location of your choosing.  As the assessing Physician you will be presented with a detailed patient file complete with supporting documentation. Each consultation is supported by an experienced patient cannabis consultant, who will work with the Physician to offer education and guidance on the following:

  • Recommendations on THC and CBD content
  • Strain selection
  • Methods of consumption
  • Evidence related to dosage and drug interactions





Marijuana For Trauma can also accept direct referrals from you as a primary care Physician upon which your patients would be assessed by one of our Physicians. You will receive a follow-up letter for your patient file summarizing the visit and appropriate course of action. Essentially our clinic would provide consultations for your patients whom you feel may benefit from cannabis therapy, amongst other services we offer.

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Cannabis Education for Physicians

For Physicians interested in working with us, Marijuana For Trauma provides online learning through The Medical Cannabis Institute (TMCI) for its contracted Physicians who wish to improve their clinical understanding about medical marijuana as a treatment approach.

TMCI is the first comprehensive medical cannabis curriculum comprising 13 courses starting with the basics of the cannabis plant, its history and the underlying relationship to the human physiological (endocannabinoid) system. The courses continue to cover pharmacology, delivery and dosage, and clinical practice standards of medical cannabis. Healthcare Professionals will receive a certificate of competency and can claim up to 12 Certified CME credits through the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons upon completion.

Find out more information about the TCMI here