Marijuana for Trauma (Est. 2013) was founded by two Afghanistan War Veterans – Fabian Henry and Mike Southwell. Their mission was to help alleviate the suffering of Veterans and their families struggling with their occupational stress injuries. The company grew quickly as a result of the significant therapeutic benefits of cannabinoid therapy achieved by patients suffering from operational stress injuries that were not adequately responding to conventional treatments. MFT expanded nationally, and now has patients in every province and territory in Canada.



Our trusted staff includes a highly knowledgeable strain consultant, natural health/detoxification expert and a compassionate client care registration team, all of whom are here to ensure our clients receive quality medical marijuana through impeccable service. In addition, we have a list of highly educated, compassionate and understanding doctors that are willing to consider Medical Cannabis as your solution to better health.


Fabian Henry (Left) and Mike Southwell (Right) founded Marijuana for Trauma. They began helping Veterans in a local coffee shop and grew the service into multiple locations across Canada.


Our mission is to reach as many veterans, first responders, and civilians as possible suffering with PTSD and help them obtain a non-toxic, medicinal alternative that has been proven to dramatically help recovery.

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