Marijuana For Trauma Inc. (Est 2013) was founded by two Canadian Forces veterans – Fabian Henry and Mike Southwell. Their mission was to help alleviate the suffering of veterans struggling with their operational stress injuries. The company grew quickly as a result of the significant therapeutic benefits cannabinoid therapy offered these veterans and their families.

As MFT grew nationally, so did the mission. We set our sights on providing an alternative treatment option to Canadians with complex medical conditions for whom conventional treatments had failed. Our organization has expanded to 11 clinics in six provinces with over 55 employees dedicated to helping clients on the front lines.

Today, MFT has helped more than 14,000 Canadians and is one of three Canada House Wellness Group Inc. subsidiaries operating in concert to develop evidence-based cannabinoid therapy treatment plans and products. It is this data-driven and hands-on approach to cannibinoid therapy that our clients value most.

Marijuana For Trauma works directly with primary care teams to provide specialized cannabinoid therapy services to patients suffering from complex medical conditions.

Each of our locations offer access to prescribing physician specialists and an on-staff licensed nurse.

These highly-trained cannabinoid therapy educators (CTEs) support our clients through ongoing education, monitoring, and follow-ups.


Fabian Henry (Left) and Mike Southwell (Right) founded Marijuana For Trauma. They began helping Veterans in a local coffee shop and grew the service into multiple locations across Canada.