Top 5 Cannabis Vaporizers

Top 5 Cannabis Vaporizers

We put together a selection of our top 5 vaporizers

Okay, we admit it – there are some excellent choices not listed here. We put this list together based on employee and patient feedback, asking participants to name their favorite vaporizer and to give us a reason why. We hope that this review will provide a foundation to help new users or those looking to switch decide on their first (or next) vaporizer.

1 – PAX 3

Dual use vaporizer meets smartphone

This vaporizer Pax a punch, with 8-10 sessions per charge and 60+ temperature settings, beneficial for both dry herb or extract. Not only do you get a lot of out a charge, the Pax 3  fires up within 22 seconds. What’s more impressive is the Pax connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone, so you can moderate temperatures on your mobile device. There are several settings which allow for navigation between efficiency and intensifying flavor scales, no matter the temperature change. Our feedback suggests that the battery life is one of the best on the market. If you are looking for a vaporizer for solely dry herb, the Pax2 would also be a great choice.

Check out the Pax 3 it runs a price tag of $259.99 CDN

2 – Davinci IQ

Also used for both herb and extracts, the Davinci vaporizer ranked high among our staff and patients not just for its performance and slick appearance but also for the ease of cleaning the chamber out. One of the benefits of the Davinci is the ability to remove the battery, for times when you won’t be near an outlet for an extended period of time, having a backup is now an option. Just like the Pax 3, the Davinci IQ is Bluetooth enabled to connect to your phone for more control. Davinci offers a 10-year warranty, the battery lasts 1.5 hours and produces a 16 second heating time.

Take a look at the Davinci IQ vaporizer that comes in 4 different colors at a price of  $274.99 USD.


One of the least expensive vaporizers on this list and on the market considering value for price is the G Pen Elite. The G Pen is small in size making it a great portable vaporizer when on the move. The G Pen Elite has a heat up time of 30 seconds, produces 2 hours of usage on one charge and a full charge takes about 2-3 hours. This easy to use vaporizer is pretty simple, just pop off the mouthpiece to load your dry herb into the chamber then turn on the G Pen by pressing the front panel button 5 times and use the side buttons to increase or decrease the temperature. When finished, pop the mouthpiece back off and use the cleaning brush to remove the used herb. While this device is priced less than many of high-end vaporizers, it worth adding to your collection or if you’re a first-time purchaser.

The G Pen Elite runs for $149.95 USD


Not the sleekest design but don’t judge a book by its cover as the Mighty packs a punch. The two lithium-ion batteries last 90 minutes, it is good for about 8 sessions, and takes 2 hours to charge. Temperature adjustments are made by using plus and minus buttons and can be monitored using the LED display. The Mighty comes with a 2-year warranty and is reported to withstand numerous drops on the floor. One of the notable benefits of the Mighty is it arrives with a grinder that attaches to the top of the chamber, reducing spill of your dry herb.

View the Mighty, a German engineered product at a cost of $349.99 USD, one of the more expensive vaporizers on the market.


The Arizer Solo 2 is an upgraded product from the Solo 1 with an improved battery life of up to 3 hours (3 hour charge time) for about 15-20 sessions. The Solo 2 has an easy to use 3 button circular control menu, an LED display and comes with a 2-year warranty and a 30-60 second heat up time. Just like the Solo 1, there are fewer spills by filling the Zeus scoop aroma tube with dry herb and then inserting the tube into the device. If you are set on having just one temperature, the Solo 2 remembers your previous setting, so once you turn it on and it will adjust to your preferred heat level.

The Arizer Solo 2 is manufactured in Canada for the price of $299.00 CDN.


While you may not be ready to purchase a vaporizer but are still looking for something new/different… we bring your attention to the RYOT. The RYOT isn’t a vaporizer but has some interesting features. The scent proof box securely holds dry herb and a taster bat and is shaped for a comfortable fit in your hand. The bat is used by inserting it into the box and twisting to fill with herb and is spring loaded for easy removal of used herb from the chamber, preventing any smell on your hands. No more clogged screens even when consuming rosin. The RYOT comes in several different forms, from wood and acrylic to aluminum. RYOT also has several wood products from humidor storage boxes to wood grinders at a reasonable price.

The RYOT Taster Box ranges from $25-$44 USD and the Taster Bat comes separate from $6-$17 USD.

We hope you found this article useful for selecting your next vaporizer! If you are a patient at Marijuana for Trauma and would like instruction on your new vaporizer please feel free to contact us, one of our Cannabinoid Therapy Educators (CTE) will be happy to help!


*MFT does not participate in Affiliate Marketing, information and reviews are directly from our staff and patients and are not paid mentions in any way. 

*Featured image courtesy of c|net

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